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Member Spotlight: Dean Slocum

Dean Slocum

“[I’m inspired by] Motivating our team to pursue a good blend of kindness and relentlessness in all our work, and even more so, seeing them do this without my direction.”

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Member Spotlight: Lesley O’Connell

Lesley O'Connell

“I love the energy at Groundwork. It feels productive and friendly. After working in my home office, it’s a nice way to change up my environment and be around other working adults.”

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Member Spotlight: John Weaver

John Weaver

John Weaver writes about, consults for, and develops commercial solar projects. He also happens to be one of those inspiring entrepreneurs who is making it on his own.

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Member Spotlight: Paul Criscuolo


Groundwork member Paul Criscuolo has years of experience in the adult beverage industry. These days he helps emerging craft brands find a “route to market,” while also enjoying his grandkids, sports, and plenty of hobbies.

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