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Ground Control: Artist Jake Ginga on the Creative Process

In the Making Art edition of Ground Control, Dena Haden interviews artists, writers, musicians and makers, exploring the motivations, inspirations and processes behind their work. What is the catalyst for creation? How does one balance the creative practice with other demands? Why does one’s expression come in a particular form? This podcast opens the doors to answer philosophical and practical questions to demystify, inspire, and explore the process of making Art.

In the first episode Jacob Ginga, a sculptor and painter from New Bedford, is interviewed. We discuss his daily routines in the studio, snippets of wisdom he shares on sustaining a healthy studio practice and his connection to being an oyster farmer and making sculpture.

At what point does an object become an artifact? Must it first collect its fair share of stories? There is history in objects and the way in which we view them. In Jacob Ginga’s work he explores the potential for objects and artifacts to serve as inspiration and materials for artworks. In the end it’s less about what stories the objects tell and more about the stories we give to them.

You can check out Jacob’s work on his website.

You can hear all of the Ground Control podcast series on iTunes or SoundCloud.



Dena is an artist, an avid gardener, loves to hike in the mountains or swim in the ocean when she is not making sculptures out of material that she finds on her adventures.