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How do you make a coworking space feel like home?

What are some of the little things that make you feel comfortable in your work space? Is it a friendly face who knows your name? A quiet corner for napping? Beautiful art on the walls?

We recently participated in People at Work Summit, a virtual coworking conference organized by our friends at Indy Hall in Philadelphia.  During our panel discussion, we got a chance to ask this very question to three of our members. It was fascinating to hear right from our members themselves exactly what they do to feel at home here at Groundwork.

Here’s the full video. It’s a high-energy, 30-minute panel discussion and it is super insightful about what life at Groundwork! (or at any coworking space) is really like:

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Co-founder at Groundwork!
Sarah lived all over South America, produced a documentary about Patagonia, and worked in digital marketing for a decade before settling in New Bedford to start Groundwork! She loves running a coworking space because she gets to meet the coolest people in the world.
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