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AHA! Night in dowtown New Bedford

Sarah and I were excited to check out AHA! night in dowtown New Bedford last Thursday evening. It was a wonderful event filled with crafts, art, and music throughout downtown. We took it all in, as we strolled along, letting the events lead us from one to the next. From a woman in a window displaying her body painting, to  a Jazz ensemble down by the marina, to a textile contemporary art exhibition at the CVPA building, to a trunk show by a local craftswoman, to a group of musicians singing Sea-tunes, to a life size puppet whale in front of the Whaling museum, there was so much to take in and a great energy all around.

Personally, what struck me about this evening at AHA!, was the unique nature of the art and culture of downtown New Bedford and the diversity within it. The magnificence and treasure of AHA! is the ability to experience art and music rooted in history and it’s attempt to keep tradition alive as well as transpire it into the present, engaging audiences of all ages. We were happy campers :)

AHA! takes place every month, If you want to attend take a look at the AHA! website,

Here we are at the CVPA building checking out Holding the Line, a Fibers Exhibition featuring Umass Dartmouth Alumni

UMass Dartmouth Art

Dena documenting an installation “the brevity of impermanence” by Jodi Stevens


Jodi Stevens

“the brevity of impermanence” by Jodi Stevens



Sarah strolling the gallery


Umass Dartmouth Installation

“Dark Matter” by Kristina Gransson





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