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Ground Control: Artist Jake Ginga on the Creative Process

Ground Control - Jake Ginga

In the Making Art edition of Ground Control, Dena Haden interviews artists, writers, musicians and makers, exploring the motivations, inspirations and processes behind their work. What is the catalyst for creation? How does one balance the creative practice with other demands? Why does one’s expression come in a particular form? This podcast opens the doors…

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Groundwork! is under construction

Open doors to Groundwork!

Construction is taking place at Groundwork! Construction workers have been working hard taking down walls, restoring the electrical and making all efforts to revitalize the space for Groundwork to move in!  The natural light is now flooding in through all of the windows, revealing the beautiful open space, wooden floors and beams.  We are slowly learning…

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AHA! Night in dowtown New Bedford

Aha Night

Sarah and I were excited to check out AHA! night in dowtown New Bedford last Thursday evening. It was a wonderful event filled with crafts, art, and music throughout downtown. We took it all in, as we strolled along, letting the events lead us from one to the next. From a woman in a window…

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Creativity is Not a Solitary Process

    Over the past three days, I have attended several events honoring the arts as well as an educational training on making creative communities grow even stronger and more connected; giving me a lot of hope to have Groundwork! take root in Massachusetts. One of the events was the Massachusetts Collaborative Training Series held in Quincy.  Not…

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