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Our COVID-19 Action Plan

image of COVID-19

UPDATE: Groundwork is closed on March 20 until further notice. Dear friends,  It looks like COVID-19 will get worse before it gets better. Given the serious nature of the current situation, here is how we are responding. We are staying open- with limited operations- until further notice. We encourage you to stay home as much…

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5 ways coworking will positively impact your life

coworking will positively impact your life

If you work independently as a consultant or remote worker, or even as an executive director of a small non-profit, joining such a community can radically change the quality of your workday. Here are 5 ways coworking will positively impact your life:

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6 people in your life who need a coworking gift certificate

coworking gift certificates from Groundwork

Calling all last-minute shoppers! If any of these people are on your list, they will love to unwrap a coworking gift certificate: The person who complains about “How hard it is to meet cool people around here.” Your partner who works at home all day and thinks the kitchen table can double as an office.…

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People need each other | lessons learned from 5 years of coworking

This month marks five years since Groundwork began in its humble “beta space.” Back then life was all about assembling IKEA furniture and spending long days alone until our first member Doug started showing up. Obviously a lot has changed since then, and I’m marking the anniversary by sharing five of the lessons I’ve learned…

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