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Announcing our Fall Film Series

Fall film series FB

We’re excited to announce our 2018 fall film series. These free, public screenings will take place on AHA! Nights in New Bedford from September through November.

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A Grand Panorama of a Whaling Voyage ‘Round the World

A nice perk of being a writer and journalist is the opportunity to check things out before they are headlines. That happened last week when I got a preview of the Whaling Museum’s restored 1,275 foot long “Grand Panorama of a Whaling Voyage ‘Round the World.” Originally painted around 1850, it was lost in an…

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Meet Tracy Barbosa – Artist

When contemplating a blog post about Tracy Barbosa, it’s easy to recall all her work as what I call a Creative Activist in the City of New Bedford. Throughout the city and beyond, Barbosa is well-known for her dedication to using art as a tool of civic engagement and urban renewal. But to do that…

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Happy birthday to a New Bedford icon

April 18 is Timothy Ellis Cole’s birthday. We here at Groundwork! wish him an especially “Happy Birthday” – because his roots run so deep with us we consider the artist a New Bedford icon. Why? Because Tim’s very first mural was especially created for Groundwork! It runs along our kitchen wall. In a bit of…

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Tying a nautical cliche into knots

As a natural harbor, New Bedford is accustomed to having all sorts of things wash up on its shores. A few years back, Alex Buchanan beached in New Bedford – entirely appropriate owing to the fact that he is both a Merchant Marine as well as an artist. The combination of those two facets of…

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Me & Joselyn – Live onstage!

I feel like a brave man this week. Because I’m sharing the stage with the one and only Joselyn Feliciano. Some folks reading this probably know of Joselyn from her often intense, frequently hilarious and slightly dangerous live poetry or story-telling readings. Joselyn is terrific in front of a live audience – but you sometimes…

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