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Cold Brew How-To

Coffee and coworking go together like PB&J. Read on to learn what brew methods our members prefer, and where you can get a good cold brew on the South Coast.

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New Bedford Economic Development Council’s Spring Fling

By Steven Froias // Groundworker-At-Large Let me state right up front: The New Bedford Economic Development Council is our landlord. Yes, that’s right. Groundwork, New Bedford’s first coworking facility, is located on the first floor of 1213 Purchase Street. Right above are the offices of the NBEDC, or simply EDC. Well, actually – Groundwork is…

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New Bedford Resources for your Small Business

resources to start a business in New Bedford

Do you want to start your own business and have no idea how to get it off the ground? Or maybe you’re up and running and you’re ready to grow? In the process of starting Groundwork!, we’ve discovered that New Bedford is home to several great resources for small businesses. We’d like to share some of them here.

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