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Member Spotlight: Will Gardner

Will Gardner with student

Meet Will Gardner, executive director and founder of Alma del Mar Charter school. Will joins us at Groundwork once a week to get his deep work done and drink plenty of coffee. Lear more about how Will stays productive…

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Food and Human Connection – Say Cheese!

A childhood favorite for many, an occasional comfort food to some, and a complete mystery to others. Grilled cheese. On the eve of Valentine’s day, a busy Wednesday here at Groundwork, we invited our members to step away from their work to enjoy a complimentary grilled cheese in the kitchen. We provided all the fixings,…

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EforAll Spotlight: New Faces

Get to know EforAll SouthCoast’s two newest cohort leaders! Danny sat down for an interview with Samia Walker and Donna Criscuolo to learn more about them and why they’re excited to participate in the EforAll program.

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Is property ownership in New Bedford about to get easier?

By Steven Froias Contributing Writer It’s unusual that a policy wonk makes like Batman, but MassINC’s Ben Forman swung into Gotham City – um, New Bedford – this week like a superhero with a wham, bam, boffo public policy plan that could be a game-changer for Gateway Cities* in Massachusetts. Forman is actually part of…

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Is it time to love Rte. 18?

By Steven Froias Groundworker-At-Large When it was completed in the early 1980s, The Standard-Times immortalized Rte. 18’s terminus at Cove Street with the headline, “Highway to Nowhere?” Partially designed to alleviate the traffic that clogged south end streets at quitting time, many of the mills and manufacturers in this area of New Bedford had shuttered…

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