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Coworking FAQ

What makes a community thrive?

zen by candellight

What makes a community thrive? Like most of you, I’ve been involved in lots of communities. Some make you feel a sense of belonging and connection and purpose– all the good things. Others can be well-intentioned, full of good people, and just… blah.

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How coworking can make you a better person

coworking makes you a good person

In an increasingly polarized world, listening to people we don’t agree with is perhaps the most important thing we can do. Respecting people we don’t agree with is crucial. Actually liking people we disagree with? Revolutionary. We get to practice all this, and more, in our coworking community.

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10 productivity tips to work less and accomplish more

To Do list

Do you dream of working smarter? As in staying focused, making a big impact, and having more free time to enjoy your life? Read these top 10 productivity tips we sourced from our membership that are guaranteed to help you work less while accomplishing more.

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Is coworking suitable for introverts?

coworking for introverts

Can you survive in a coworking space if you’re an introvert?

For those of us who generally keep to ourselves, joining a coworking space can seem counter-intuitive. Why surround yourself with people if you tend to be on the shy, quiet side of the personality spectrum? We recently asked our introverted members why they work at Groundwork!, and there are some common threads in what they say.

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How do you make a coworking space feel like home?

Panel Video: What makes coworking feel like home?

What are some of the little things that make you feel comfortable in your work space? Is it a friendly face who knows your name? A quiet corner for napping? Beautiful art on the walls? We recently participated in People at Work Summit, a virtual coworking conference organized by our friends at Indy Hall in Philadelphia.  During…

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