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Frontier Airlines failed me. Here’s what I learned about business:

Wedding in Chile

In a money-based society, business is who we are. It’s how we show up in the world. It’s the local gift shop where you buy a card to tell someone you love them. It’s the hair stylist who becomes a trusted confidant over the years. It’s the person who builds a website so your passion project can fly. It’s how we shelter ourselves, how we eat, and how we try to have a little fun along the way.

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Seizing New Bedford’s Moment

In the 19th century, it was whaling. In the 20th, textiles and manufacturing sustained New Bedford. And perhaps now, in the 21st century, the city has found another industry to propel it into the future. The news this week that Vineyard Wind, based in New Bedford, had been selected for the state’s first offshore wind…

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What makes a community thrive?

zen by candellight

What makes a community thrive? Like most of you, I’ve been involved in lots of communities. Some make you feel a sense of belonging and connection and purpose– all the good things. Others can be well-intentioned, full of good people, and just… blah.

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New Bedford / Fall River: It’s Complicated

Back in November, I took the SRTA 10 bus from downtown New Bedford to Fall River. Sometimes I just do these kind of things. I was prepared for the journey: Cash, credit cards, Charlie Card, MP3 player, and…passport. Because traveling to Fall River from New Bedford feels like going to another country. I wanted to…

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How coworking can make you a better person

coworking makes you a good person

In an increasingly polarized world, listening to people we don’t agree with is perhaps the most important thing we can do. Respecting people we don’t agree with is crucial. Actually liking people we disagree with? Revolutionary. We get to practice all this, and more, in our coworking community.

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