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Cold Brew How-To

Coffee and coworking go together like PB&J. Read on to learn what brew methods our members prefer, and where you can get a good cold brew on the South Coast.

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Ready to tame email and live outside your inbox?

  Given the unique setting of our coworking space here at Groundwork, we often hear from our members how refreshing it is to work somewhere with minimal distractions. But whether you work from a coworking space, your home, an office, or even a spaceship, an overflowing inbox is a terrible commonality among us working folk.…

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Learn to Communicate with Brian McNeany

Brian McNeany

Brian McNeany was a classmate of mine in the 2017 Leadership SouthCoast cohort.  During an ice-breaker we discovered we had both spent time on the West Coast, and ended up trading war stories about the 401, the 101, and the unique LA freeway experience. Brian later became a member of Groundwork!, and I discovered that…

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How coworking can make you a better person

coworking makes you a good person

In an increasingly polarized world, listening to people we don’t agree with is perhaps the most important thing we can do. Respecting people we don’t agree with is crucial. Actually liking people we disagree with? Revolutionary. We get to practice all this, and more, in our coworking community.

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How to Rock your Passion Project

Tim Cole Partner Projects

Starting a passion project can be daunting but utterly rewarding. If you’re hesitant to take the plunge, here are some simple tips get over the hump and make it happen.

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