Caitlin and her son
Lesley O'Connell
John Weaver

Member Spotlight: Paul Criscuolo

Groundwork member Paul Criscuolo has years of experience in the adult beverage industry. These days he helps emerging craft brands find a “route to market,” while also enjoying his grandkids, sports, and plenty of hobbies.

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Shonna Ryan
Kevin Maillet

Member Spotlight: Kevin Maillet

A true New Bedford native, Kevin worked his way from selling swordfish in restaurant kitchens to crunching data at national banks. Kevin’s story is inspiring, and he is on a mission to empower others to embark on a career in data science.

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Doug Lane at Groundwork
Renee Dufour

Meet our Community Manager: Renee Dufour

“What excites me about Groundwork is the sense of community and it’s diverse members. There is a enormous variety of personalities, businesses, and passions all working in the same space. It’s a very motivating place with positive energy and hard workers.”

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