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Creativity is Not a Solitary Process


Upcycled Art Workshop- Gallery 263, Cambridge

Upcycled Art Workshop- Gallery 263, Cambridge


Over the past three days, I have attended several events honoring the arts as well as an educational training on making creative communities grow even stronger and more connected; giving me a lot of hope to have Groundwork! take root in Massachusetts.

One of the events was the Massachusetts Collaborative Training Series held in Quincy.  Not knowing what to expect, I was utterly blown away at the amount of people that attended from diverse backgrounds and parts of the state with interest in building collaborative spaces!  I was so excited to be in a room full of ideas and conversation about getting our communities connected, growing and thinking out of the box.   It was run by the Creative Economy Industry of Massachusetts with Key Note speaker Jennifer Faigel, whom I have always admired for her dedication and major projects like the CropCircle Kitchen in Jamaica Plain creating jobs and growth within many communities.

I left with the notion that A LOT of positive change will be taking place within our communities in Massachusetts, and there are many dedicated people out there ready to make this happen.  As an artist, I always relate back to my practice and process of making art and very often I have so many ideas swarming around in my mind, but it isn’t until I take my ideas and put them into action that it can become realized. There is something so simple but true about that fact.  It made me think about the value in getting out and talking to one another about what it is that you are interested in.  It may not be such a crazy idea after all?  And there are other folks out there looking to do the same thing or looking to discuss their ideas with you!

To end with a quote from Faigel that has stuck with me,  “Creativity is not a solitary process”.


Creativity is not a solitary process

Creativity is not a solitary process, (take a look at nature)


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