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We’re thrilled to announce our cowork exchange with Cape Space

By Sarah | October 23, 2020

We’re thrilled to announce our cowork exchange program with Cape Space this month. Here’s what it means for our members.

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David Soto on Latino Culture and why we are a salad, not a melting pot

By Sarah | October 6, 2020

For the longest time, the line was: the United States is a melting pot. But the Latino community can’t melt in. We’re more like a salad. We’ve got tomatoes, we’ve got lettuce, we’ve got all these things. Each one has their own distinctive taste, but when you put them all together, it’s great.

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Sailing, Whaling, and Good Design: Inside the world of Ger Tysk

By Caitlin Joseph | September 25, 2020

“ When I saw that coworking spaces were opening up again, I figured that I would see if I could change things up a bit. Coming to Groundwork 2-3 days a week has been awesome for my mental health and productivity.”

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Safe Fall Activities on the South Coast

By Caitlin Joseph | September 24, 2020

Looking for fall activties on the South Coast? Here are our top 3 picks for safe and fun entertainment for you and the whole family.

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Coworking during the pandemic: More relevant than ever before

By Sarah | September 22, 2020
coworking during the pandemic - picnic lunches

Contrary to popular belief, coworking during the pandemic is more relevant than ever. Here’s how it can help you combat isolation.

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From scallop fishing to coworking: Brendan Quinn’s unique story

By Caitlin Joseph | September 17, 2020

“If I were to be working at home at this time I feel as though I would become distracted quite easily and focusing on things other than work. Having a structured environment where I can focus on work and only work is a nice thing to have this day in age.”

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A Community Manager’s View from Home

By Caitlin Joseph | August 21, 2020

“I still want to hear about your wins and challenges, and offer support for your creative and professional endeavors. Here for you always – even if from the comfort of my toddler-toy-filled home, in the early morning hours, wearing sweats and slippers.”

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How to work remotely: set boundaries, make your bed & stay out of the kitchen

By Sarah | August 14, 2020
how to work remotely

Remote work is harder than it sounds. Let three of our members who are veterans of the remote work force show you the ropes.

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Lory Vargas on the importance of routine and human interaction

By Caitlin Joseph | August 3, 2020
Lory Vargas, Groundwork member

Living in a rural area is what brought Lory to Groundwork. She says “seeing human beings is mandatory,” and we couldn’t agree more.

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Community Spotlight: SouthCoast Food Policy Council

By Caitlin Joseph | July 22, 2020

“We need to build a local food system that puts health first and supports a robust regional food system.”

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