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Member Spotlight: Nick Briguglio

By Sarah | May 7, 2020

“If I can be a cornball for a second, I am inspired by being American. I truly believe we are the most resilient, hard-working people with a tremendous ability to pivot and innovate. We can do anything and we should be proud. Also, our healthcare workers are amazing.”

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How COVID and coworking can sharpen our empathy skills

By Sarah | May 6, 2020
COVID, coworking, empathy

“I hope our coworking community can serve as a place to sharpen our empathy skills as different COVID stories emerge. And if you find yourself getting caught up in comparative suffering, remember that we are all in this together, however different we might be.”

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Member Spotlight: Julia Furtado Lavoie

By Sarah | May 4, 2020
Julia Furtado Lavoie and cat

“This pandemic has been challenging but I have been inspired by the good around me and how I have actually made some new friends in addition to my good friends around me.”

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Lessons from coworking during the COVID pandemic

By Sarah | April 21, 2020

What’s different in coworking during the COVID pandemic? Despite the loss of physical space, many aspects of our community are stronger than ever. Here’s how.

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Senator Warren explains the COVID-19 stimulus package, and what it means for small business

By Sarah | March 26, 2020
COVID-19 stimulus package

Senator Warren outlined the senate stimulus bill in response to COVID-19, emphasizing key points for small business.

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Our COVID-19 Action Plan

By Sarah | March 15, 2020
image of COVID-19

UPDATE: Groundwork is closed on March 20 until further notice. Dear friends,  It looks like COVID-19 will get worse before it gets better. Given the serious nature of the current situation, here is how we are responding. We are staying open- with limited operations- until further notice.We encourage you to stay home as much as…

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Meet the Artist: Mark Phelan

By Caitlin Joseph | March 11, 2020

“As a teacher, community is everything. And the international community in which I teach provides me insight to a lot of different perspectives. In my practice, I rely on the community of fellow artists for friendship and feedback.”

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Meet the Artist: Lauren Levine

By Caitlin Joseph | March 11, 2020

“Community is immensely important. We support one another. I know that without my arts community I would be totally isolated as a painter. “

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Why Content Camp is so much more than content marketing

By Sarah | March 6, 2020
Content Camp 2019

Content Camp at Groundwork is about so much more than content marketing. It’s about creating a community where you can do your best work. Here’s how:

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Where to Find Free Online Images for Commercial Projects

By Noi Sabal | March 3, 2020

Did you know that when we’re presented with new information, we’re 65% more likely to remember it 3 days later if it’s presented with an image? Content presented with visuals doesn’t just make remembering info easier. Pairing words with a relevant picture makes it significantly more likely to get viewed in the first place. According…

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