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Senator Warren explains the COVID-19 stimulus package, and what it means for small business

By Sarah | March 26, 2020
COVID-19 stimulus package

Senator Warren outlined the senate stimulus bill in response to COVID-19, emphasizing key points for small business.

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Our COVID-19 Action Plan

By Sarah | March 15, 2020
image of COVID-19

UPDATE: Groundwork is closed on March 20 until further notice. Dear friends,  It looks like COVID-19 will get worse before it gets better. Given the serious nature of the current situation, here is how we are responding. We are staying open- with limited operations- until further notice.We encourage you to stay home as much as…

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Meet the Artist: Mark Phelan

By Caitlin Joseph | March 11, 2020

“As a teacher, community is everything. And the international community in which I teach provides me insight to a lot of different perspectives. In my practice, I rely on the community of fellow artists for friendship and feedback.”

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Meet the Artist: Lauren Levine

By Caitlin Joseph | March 11, 2020

“Community is immensely important. We support one another. I know that without my arts community I would be totally isolated as a painter. “

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Why Content Camp is so much more than content marketing

By Sarah | March 6, 2020
Content Camp 2019

Content Camp at Groundwork is about so much more than content marketing. It’s about creating a community where you can do your best work. Here’s how:

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Where to Find Free Online Images for Commercial Projects

By Noi Sabal | March 3, 2020

Did you know that when we’re presented with new information, we’re 65% more likely to remember it 3 days later if it’s presented with an image? Content presented with visuals doesn’t just make remembering info easier. Pairing words with a relevant picture makes it significantly more likely to get viewed in the first place. According…

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How to stay on track with your goals

By Sarah | February 27, 2020

Do you stay on track with your goals? We asked three experts who are Groundwork members– a CPA, a productivity coach, and a life coach– for their best advice.

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New Bedford’s Best Restaurants – Brought to Groundwork

By Dan Moriarty | February 26, 2020

We love two things at Groundwork: good food and supporting local businesses… so it is only natural that we love GotChew!

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How to Iron Out Your Content Marketing Strategy

By Noi Sabal | February 22, 2020

Estimated read time: 3.5 minutes. Contains 650 words Ever get excited about a new product or company, eagerly go find ’em online to learn more, start scanning their site or Facebook page, getting more excited about what you read and then — WHAM! — you notice that their latest updates are from more than two years…

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How coworking can save your nonprofit time and money

By Sarah | February 17, 2020
coworking + nonprofits

Coworking and nonprofits are a match made in heaven. Here are three ways coworking can save your nonprofit time and money.

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