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42nd Annual New Bedford Half Marathon

By Caitlin Joseph | March 12, 2019

  The 42nd Annual New Bedford Half Marathon is upon us! Maybe you aren’t running the race, but you likely know someone who is, or is somehow associated with it. Between runners, spectators, sponsors, supporters, race organizers and the local business community, it’s nearly impossible not to cross paths with someone touched by this New…

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South Coast Leadership: Amanda McMullen

By Caitlin Joseph | March 8, 2019
Amanda McMullen

In this interview, Amanda McMullen of the Whaling Museum talks about what inspires her and shares her best piece of leadership advice.

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Is property ownership in New Bedford about to get easier?

By Steven Froias | February 28, 2019

By Steven Froias Contributing Writer It’s unusual that a policy wonk makes like Batman, but MassINC’s Ben Forman swung into Gotham City – um, New Bedford – this week like a superhero with a wham, bam, boffo public policy plan that could be a game-changer for Gateway Cities* in Massachusetts. Forman is actually part of…

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New Bedford’s Transition to a Smart City: Resilient independence, or technocratic feudalism?

By Daniel Moriarty | February 27, 2019

How can New Bedford capitalize on technological innovation and the need to prepare for climate change in a way that stimulates homegrown economic development and resilience?

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How women can win big in career negotiation: Interview with Ashley Paré

By Sarah | February 22, 2019

In the landscape of career negotiation and asking for a raise, women and minorities face more obstacles. Ashley Pare, coach and speaker, shares why this happens and how we can overcome it.

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Ready to tame email and live outside your inbox?

By Caitlin Joseph | February 21, 2019

  Given the unique setting of our coworking space here at Groundwork, we often hear from our members how refreshing it is to work somewhere with minimal distractions. But whether you work from a coworking space, your home, an office, or even a spaceship, an overflowing inbox is a terrible commonality among us working folk.…

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South Coast Leadership: Christina Connelly

By Caitlin Joseph | February 19, 2019
Christina Connelly

In this interview, Christina Connelly, Chief Operating Office for the City of New Bedford, shares some insight about her role and advice for aspiring leaders.

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Relationship Cheat Sheet: Finding Harmony and Success in Work, Love & Family

By Noi Sabal | February 13, 2019

Ready to take stock of your family, work and romantic relationships? Check out our Cheat Sheet to discover The Top 5 Elements to Successful Relationships.

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Member Spotlight: Lisa Raiche

By Sarah | February 5, 2019
Lisa Raiche

“I find inspiration in the ability of other people to keep going and pushing forward. It can help you put your own trivial BS in perspective.”

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Is it time to love Rte. 18?

By Steven Froias | January 27, 2019

By Steven Froias Groundworker-At-Large When it was completed in the early 1980s, The Standard-Times immortalized Rte. 18’s terminus at Cove Street with the headline, “Highway to Nowhere?” Partially designed to alleviate the traffic that clogged south end streets at quitting time, many of the mills and manufacturers in this area of New Bedford had shuttered…

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