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From One Entrepreneur to Another: Connecting for Change

By Sarah Riley | October 16, 2015

Finding new resources and reviving your entrepreneurial instincts can be difficult when traveling opportunities are limited. Have no fear because Connecting For Change is here! On October 23rd and 24th stop by The Marion Institute in Downtown New Bedford to enrich your inner change-maker. With over 3,000 community leaders, 40+ workshops and 12 keynote speakers, the networking and growth is unlimited.

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Meet our Marketing Intern: Sarah Riley

By Sarah | October 6, 2015

“While I am still a student, a coworking space helps me develop connections and get a hands-on sense rather than strictly a classroom setting. Since it is such a unique setting, I get to experience a new way of networking and seeing a community come together to accomplish goals.”

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Groundwork! Hosts a Full House of South Coast Entrepreneurs

By Sarah | September 25, 2015

We hit a home run with our “Celebrate Entrepreneurship” celebration at Groundwork! The key to it’s success? Collaboration across diverse organizations, hard work, and the magic sauce of coworking: a physical space to get together.

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It’s time to celebrate entrepreneurship on the South Coast!

By Sarah | September 15, 2015

We’ve been hard at work uniting the entrepreneur community in the South Coast and now is the time to celebrate! Join us and EforAll, along with several local organizations, businesses, and keynote speakers to celebrate all that is happening on the South Coast!

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Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? and HOLLIHOCK!

By Dena | August 28, 2015

Dena Haden reflects on community, poetry, the artistic process, and last weekend’s Hollihock Writers Conference.

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Elizabeth Warren Visits Groundwork! to Meet New Bedford Entrepreneurs

By Sarah | August 21, 2015

Senator Warren had a few things to say about her visit to Groundwork! in New Bedford: “…small businesses are not in competition with each other, they’re helping each other. Because when one does better, they all do better. That’s what I’m excited to see here in New Bedford.”

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Alex Hillman on Transforming your City: Stop waiting for someone else to do it!

By Sarah | August 14, 2015

“When Indy Hall members’ grow their companies larger than 3-4 people, they almost universally begin looking for ways to stay in the neighborhood. Within a two block radius of Indy Hall, at least 100 people are employed by Indy Hall alum.”

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SoCo Stars: Dominic Perri

By Sarah | August 12, 2015

“I want writers to know that although they write in solitude, there is a giant community that welcomes them with open arms if they want to join and share their work and ideas!”

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5 Things I Learned about Marketing from Making a Documentary

By Sarah | August 6, 2015

Marketing is evil, right? Not if you are telling important stories and doing meaningful work. Here are 5 important lessons for marketing (and life in general) learned from making a documentary film.

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How To: Survive an iPhone Apocalypse

By Sarah | July 27, 2015

Hi my name is Sarah, and I have an iPhone problem. I work in digital marketing. I manage multiple social media accounts. I tweet regularly. I cannot enjoy beauty without instagramming it. I blog. I need my phone. And I am seriously worried and disturbed about the effects of my phone usage on my brain. What is happening to my ability to focus? To be in the moment? Can I use technology rationally?

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