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People need each other | lessons learned from 5 years of coworking

By Sarah | November 8, 2019

This month marks five years since Groundwork began in its humble “beta space.” Back then life was all about assembling IKEA furniture and spending long days alone until our first member Doug started showing up. Obviously a lot has changed since then, and I’m marking the anniversary by sharing five of the lessons I’ve learned…

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The Super Easy 3 Step Guide to Workday Productivity

By Noi Sabal | October 28, 2019
Private Office

Did you know we spend around 60% of workdays on unproductive busywork? Here are three super simple things you can do to maximize your workday productivity.

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Adaptogenic coffee: a taste test and review

By Sarah | October 16, 2019

Adaptogenic coffee is all the craze! Our founder recently did a taste test, and she’s here to share her findings… are adaptogens worth it?

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Coworking is great for non-profits. Here’s how to convince your board to pay for it

By Caitlin Joseph | October 7, 2019
coworking for non-profits

Convincing your board that coworking could help your organization succeed doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are four ways to show them it’s worth the investment.

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10 Ways to Successfully Hack Being a Solopreneur

By Noi Sabal | September 30, 2019

Working for yourself isn’t always easy, but here are 10 tips on how to be a successful solopreneur, from outsourcing to barters, to free tech and tools.

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Meet the Artist: Deana Tavares

By Caitlin Joseph | September 26, 2019

“Community makes me feel included and part of a whole. Everything and anything is possible when communities come together. We lift one another up and we leave doors open so others can walk through.”

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I like the idea of coworking, but I LOVE working at home.

By Sarah | September 25, 2019
talking to my cat

We hear this a lot at Groundwork: This place is amazing! You’ve built such a special community here. But, I really love working at home. I get it. Working from home is truly great. You can blast your music, stay in your sweats, throw in a load of laundry, and keep your dog company, all…

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Spotlight: EforAll’s 2019 Summer Cohort

By Dan Moriarty | September 16, 2019

Check out the EforAll 2019 Summer Cohort! From llamas to holistic healing this cohort was jam-packed with creativity and good intentions!

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Member Spotlight: Amy Tierce

By Caitlin Joseph | September 5, 2019

Meet Amy Tierce. She’s a Senior Loan Officer at Radius Financial Group Inc., an EforAll Mentor, and loves all things coworking!

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What if I can’t afford to pay for coworking?

By Sarah | September 5, 2019
There is enough money for coworking

So, you’re freelancing and living check to check. Coworking could be the catalyst that takes you from scarcity to abundance.

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