Groundwork! Core Values

Our core values are the reason we do what we do. Groundwork! is so much more than a shared office space. We are here to support the amazing community of talented entrepreneurs in New Bedford and surrounding areas, and to create a special space for people, ideas, and collaboration.


Groundwork! member Ellen Lough meets with her team.


Encourage collaboration.

We bring diverse, local talent together to learn from each other and share ideas. We want the Groundwork! community to thrive so that the local community thrives. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Have fun.

We believe that happy workers are productive workers. Besides, why join a coworking space that isn’t fun?

Be member-centric.

YOU are the reason we’re here! We’re committed to being accessible and inclusive to all, and responsive to member needs. We strive to create an environment that supports member productivity.

Grow and create.

We provide learning opportunities that empower our members and the community. We seek to inspire, nurture, and encourage creative ideas.

Foster an ecosystem of sustainability and abundance.

We know that if we work together and help each other, we all benefit. We’re in this together!

Be honest, simple, and open.

We run our business and treat each other with integrity, truth, and transparency.