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Meet our newest team member: Lynette Ayala

Welcome to Groundwork, Lynette!

I couldn’t be more excited to welcome Lynette Ayala to the Groundwork family as our administrative assistant. From our first meeting, Lynette impressed me with her commitment to find a workplace that aligns with her personal values. Lynette has developed deep empathy and compassion for others from years of working in patient care, and this quality shines through all of her interactions.

Be sure to stop by the front desk at Groundwork and say hello to Lynette sometime soon! In the meantime, read this interview to learn more about her life and what inspires her:

What led you here? Give us a short summary of your life prior to working at Groundwork.

My entire career has consisted of patient care in the medical field, as it is my passion to help those in need. After certain events transpired in my personal life that made it difficult to be in the patient care setting, I decided to use my transferable skills to change my career to an administrative position that could expand my knowledge.

My previous employer showed me exactly what a work space should not be like. It encouraged an environment where there was discrimination and unfair treatment within the office. The worst part is that nothing was done when I brought my concerns to their attention.  I made the conscious decision to leave, and I knew that wherever I decided to go next, work environment was key!

Applying for the position here at Groundwork I knew from the moment I saw their mission that this was an ideal match! It could not have been any more perfect timing. I realize the blessing in disguise and I absolutely am joyful to be a part of such a unique space and mission, providing Sarah and our members the help and support to have the best work space experience possible! 

Lynette with her sisters, niece and nephew

You have a lot of experience working with patients in the medical field. What are some lessons you learned from that environment?

Some lessons I’ve learned are that patience and understanding are key to be able to assist others. Most people just want to be heard, therefore listening and not disregarding someone’s individual needs is very important. The environment can be overwhelming and most days my mind was exhausted to its limit, but nothing compares to the feeling of being able to provide patient care to a person in need and their loved ones. It truly has shaped me and made me a better person! 

What excites you the most about working at Groundwork?

I felt from the moment I first interviewed with Sarah that her experiences which lead her to begin her mission here at Groundwork were inspiring to say the least! I am excited to learn from her and to be a part of a group of individuals who understand and value the importance of a work space. 

What are you listening to, watching, and reading?

Music is one of my passions, and I not only appreciate it but respect the art form of it. Therefore I listen to all genres and can go from a jazz to an indie song. I do not engage in watching much TV, I find that personally I can do other productive things instead (lol). But since COVID, with the extra time, I had enjoyed watching criminal investigation shows. 

I love reading and most recently just finished Best Self by Mike Bayer.  

What skills and experiences are you looking forward to sharing with the Groundwork community?

I hope to bring my unique perspective on life from having to overcome many hardships from a young age, and my views on the importance of caring and helping other individuals. I look forward to providing the best support to our members with whatever may increase their love for the space here at Groundwork! 

What inspires you right now? 

Right now I am inspired by humanity altogether! I try to be aware of not only the bad going on in the world but the good as well. The way people have come together during such a challenging year for most of us and how we have persevered through it all has been nothing short of inspiring! 

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