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2019 Tech Gift Ideas for Remote Workers

Happy Tech-mas again, fellow coworkers!

I’ve updated and (greatly!) expanded my post from last year, “Top Tech Gifts for the Geek, Nerd, Remote Worker, Techie or Coworker in Your Life.”

The idea list now includes sixty-two of the best tech gifts for 2019.


There’s a little something in there for everyone. From digital security safeguards to super fun games, a coffee mug that will keep you beverage at a consistent temperature for hours to Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza (you’ll see…!) there’s a lot of secret Santa gifts for techies included.

Take a look at the full list here.

There are at least four things I’m hoping Santa will bring me this year…! Which ones might go on your tech gift wish list?

Happy holidays!

Noi Sabal

Chief Executive Ninja at Bloggin' Ninja
After spending most of her career as a video editor on national tv shows and commercials, Noi has recently started saying "No thanks" to editing gigs and "Hells yeah!" to entrepreneurship. As the founder of Bloggin' Ninja, she now gets to create super fun stuff and meet amazing writers & entrepreneurs as the "brain behind brainstorming."
Noi Sabal